How To
Make or Buy
Whizbang Grape Trellis Fittings

These fittings are what you need to make your own freestanding grape trellis (as I show and explain HERE). You'll notice these humble little beauties are made entirely out of metal (click picture to see an enlarged view). No plastic! So they're made to last.

If you decide to make your own fittings (specifications are in This Book), the hard part is going to be drilling the hole for the bolt through the diecast aluminum coupling (you'll find out why if you try it). I have a country neighbor who has a machine shop and he drills the holes for me. The holes cost me more than the bolt that goes in them.

These fittings sell for 14.50 each. A stainless steel hose clamp is included with every fitting. A flat rate of $8.00 for shipping will get added to your order at checkout.

To order, simply click the "Add To Cart" button below, then update the quantity you want on the checkout page.

Please note that these prices are for orders to US residents only. If you are in Canada, e-mail me ( with the quantity you want and I'll figure the extra cost for shipping.

Thank you.